WWE and UFC Stars come to the Tivoli Theatre for Over The Top Wrestling Show

Jordan Devlin makes his hometown return after the WWE United Kingdom Championship Tournament. (Photo by John Morrissey Photography)

Jordan Devlin makes his hometown return after the WWE United Kingdom Championship Tournament. (Photo by John Morrissey Photography)

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The Liberties’ own Tivoli Theatre played host to a sold-out pro wrestling show from independent promotion Over The Top Wrestling on Saturday February 4th.


The show, entitled Martina’s Gaff Party 2, featured five WWE United Kingdom Championship Tournament competitors, including winner Tyler Bate and runner-up Pete Dunne, semi-finalist Mark Andrews and Irish stars Jordan Devlin and Tucker.


Devlin, who hails from Bray, was making his first appearance on Irish shores since his quarter-final appearance in the WWE tournament a month prior.


The Bray native, trained by WWE Superstar Finn Balor, wrestles as a ‘heel’ (bad guy), but admitted that the crowd were more positive than he was expecting. “There was a bit of a mixed reaction,” he said, speaking a day later at the company’s Belfast show. “Normally I’m booed a lot because I’m a heel.


“But this time there were a few little pockets that were cheering me this time which is a rare sight, but I have to admit it was pretty good.”


He admitted that his WWE contract does now stop him appearing on televised shows, but it will likely not affect him returning to the Liberties for next month’s ‘Road to Scrappermania 3’ show. “Obviously I can’t show up on TV, I can’t wrestle for a TNA, or a Ring of Honor. But other than that there are no restrictions.”


“WWE are very clear that they’re not trying to gut the indie scene… I am hoping that when they do create a UK & Ireland based show it won’t take us full-time from the likes of OTT.”


“This whole project is creating a bit of a bridge between the independent scene and WWE. It’s given the guys something to aim for shorter term. Now we don’t have to think Okay, I’m working in the Tivoli Theatre in Dublin, how do I get to WWE?”


“It’s not that far away. It gives us as workers something to aim towards.”


Also featured in the show, which is now available to watch again on Vimeo on Demand, were former UFC fighter Matt Riddle and Ring of Honor World Television Champion Marty Scurll, as well as a surprise appearance from former WWE and TNA champion Drew Galloway.


The star of the show was undoubtedly the titular character; ‘Session Moth’ Martina. Playing a wildly entertaining stereotypical Dublin character, Karen Glennon has become a huge star on the indie wrestling scene both in Ireland and the UK. “Martina’s gaff party is just a good fun idea, to get that party feel. It’s not done that much at other shows, it’s a new thing.”


“We didn’t sell out the first one last year, but this year we’ve sold-out one in Dublin and we’ve come extremely close in Belfast.”


“I love wrestling in the Tivoli Theatre. It’s such a tremendous venue. It’s really great to have the likes of Drew [Galloway] coming to my rescue, Matt Riddle, the WWE UK Champion Tyler Bate. Then we have some of our regulars like the Kings of the North, who in my opinion are the best tag team to come out of Ireland.”

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