‘Deadpool’ aims to both kill and please (Film Review)

Compared to some generic and predictable storylines brought to us in the past, Marvel has finally created something different and refreshing with their most recent release, Deadpool.


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Deadpool is not your run of the mill super-hero movie; no worlds are ending, no cities are being destroyed; etc. Essentially, the story follows a revenge driven anti-hero who is quick for comebacks and too vain to return home to his fiancé after his average looking features are taken from him, no longer looking like the Ryan Reynolds we all know and love.

Before becoming Deadpool, Wade Wilson (Reynolds) is a recently diagnosed terminal cancer patient who is offered the opportunity to donate his body to some black market scientific experiments in hopes that it will cure his illness. The treatments work, but not only do they cure Wade of his cancer, but they also supply him with the super-human ability to heal any wound or illness he receives.. That’s right, Deadpool can be shot, stabbed or set on fire and not die. However, with this, Wade’s appearance changes drastically and he is left looking like a burn victim. Not an ideal situation for a soon-to-be married man.

The plot follows Wilson, who has now transformed himself into mask-wearing, anti-hero Deadpool, attempting to track down the sadistic scientist who ruined his body, have his skin fixed and return home to his stripper fiancé, Vanessa (Morena Baccarin).

The humour in the film attempts to poke fun at super-hero culture, with digs thrown at Reynolds’ other DC Comics character, Green Lantern – as well as making references throughout the film to Deadpool in the X-Men: Origins canon, where Reynolds’ mouth was sewn shut to keep him from talking. Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine character also becomes the brunt of a joke at some points during the movie. The film breaks the 4th wall multiple times, with Deadpool speaking to the audience throughout the film, bringing to life the essence of the comics.

Deadpool delivers on the comedic and action aspects of the film and is a mature step-up from the likes of The Avengers and Captain America which rarely even sport the sight of blood, never mind quips and innuendos aimed at shocking the viewers. Surprisingly for a Marvel creation, the movie is R-rated (rightly so), and is a comical and enjoyable watch.


Source: Deadpool Official Facebook

The satire element of the movie is evident from the very beginning, with even the opening credits ridiculing the “douchebag” director and “God’s Perfect Idiot” actor Ryan Reynolds.

The year-long hype for Deadpool was worth it and the movie did not disappoint. Reynolds has finally recovered from the box-office flop that was The Green Lantern. Good job Marvel.

Rating: 4/5

By Cara Croke

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