Councillor against Cameron visit

A Liberties councillor has criticised Taoiseach Enda Kenny’s proposal for British Prime Minister David Cameron to visit Ireland as part of this year’ 1916 Centenary Commemorations.

Source: Cllr Ray McHugh Facebook

Source: Cllr Ray McHugh Facebook

According to the Irish Independent, Enda Kenny invited Mr.Cameron to visit Ireland, as part of the country’s nationwide 1916 Centenary Commemorations, during a meeting in Downing Street last week.

However, Sinn Féin Councillor Ray Mchugh has come out against the proposal, saying Mr.Cameron should have no part in Ireland’s 1916 commemorations until, “we have a united country.”

“While I feel relations between Britain and Ireland  are at a high, I would not be prepared  to  accept the leader of Britain to be present when we, as proud Irish people, remember our brave  men and women  who gave so much for Ireland in 1916,” the Dublin South Central Councillor said.

Mr.McHugh went on to say that Britain has, “deprived us of all human rights.”

“The British have contributed  so much damage to our people over the centuries. They have murdered, starved us and forced a foreign language  on us,” he stated.

“They have deprived us of all human rights and they have never apologised to us as a nation and, still to this day, they occupy part of our country,” he continued.

“When we have a united country, then and only then, should we consider inviting  the Prime-Minister of Britain to attend as a guest of our country, of our celebration,” Mr.Mchugh concluded.

By Meadhbh Sinclair

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