‘Bang Bang’ gets a New York brew from Teelings

The Teeling Whiskey Company has released a new limited edition craft beer in collaboration with Sixpoint Brewery, Red Hook, Brooklyn NY.

“Bang Bang Dudley” is a potent new red ale which is aged for months in barrels that started life housing rum, bourbon, and Teeling Small Batch Irish Whiskey. Sadly the beer will not be available in Ireland. It will be available throughout Manhattan and Brooklyn as a limited draught release.


Bang Bang Dudely Photo: Teeling Facebook

Bang Bang Dudely Photo: Teeling Facebook

The beer is named after Thomas “Bang Bang” Dudley, one of Dublin’s most loved characters. Dudley was a local hero of the Liberties in Dublin in the 1950s and 60s. He was an eccentric elderly gentleman who was famous in the city for his outgoing personality. Bang Bang travelled on the buses and trams of the city, and carried a large church key in his pocket which he used as a ‘gun’. Dubliners would participate in his games by sometimes “returning fire” by shouting “bang bang” back at him. Thomas Dudley’s original home is situated near the Teelings Whiskey distillery in Newmarket and the bar in the new distillery is named after “Bang Bang”.

Stephen Teeling, sales & marketing director at Teeling Whiskey Company, spoke of the collaboration with the award winning US brewery, saying, “we are excited to work with Sixpoint Brewery on this new collaboration, our first in the U.S. ‘Bang Bang Dudley’ marries the traditional shipping peninsula of Red Hook, Brooklyn, with the history of the Liberties and represents the best of these gritty and enduring neighbourhoods in a beer imbued with the unique character of both.”

Heather McReynolds, Sixpoint’s Red Hook-based brewing manager is also excited about the new collaboration and how well they worked with the Teeling Whiskey Company, saying, “from a brewing point of view, working with Teeling was a natural fit and at 9.5% ABV, the result is, well, bangin’,” said McReynolds.

The bang bang bar,Photo: Teeling Times Blog

The Bang Bang Bar Photo: Teeling Times Blog


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