Christmas gifts at The Liberty Market

The Liberty Market on Meath Street in Dublin has started displaying an array of Christmas gifts since the start of November in the run up to the festive season.

It opens on Tuesday to Friday from 10am until 4pm and Saturday and Sunday, 10am to 5pm.  The market will close early on Christmas Eve at 3pm.

One seller, who has been working at the Liberty Market for 40 years talked about what he sells at his stall. “I sell Christmas candles which vary in price from €4 to €7. They are produced in America and some of the candle scents include Christmas Morning and Mistletoe.” I asked the seller the most popular item on his stall to which he replied: “The glass angles that light up different colours tend to be very popular with customers during the Christmas season.”

Christmas gifts at the Liberty Market 18. Credit_ Aisling Harnett.

One of the many stalls at Liberty Market ( Photo- Aisling Harnett)

Gadgets and other electronic items have become sought-after Christmas gifts the past few years, especially with the evolution of technology. Patrick Clare, a seller at the gadgets stall called Whopper Gadgets,  revealed what electronic items he has to offer on his stall.

“Android television boxes are our most popular item. We expect to have a good Christmas with them selling out fast. They start from €120. If you look at what you’re getting, what you get is huge. All the movies are free, all your TV is free, all your sport is free. We sell a lot of portable bluetooth speakers as they’re small but they have a big sound and the quality is good. We have bluetooth watches that you can hook up to your android phone so you can check emails and texts and make calls.”

In terms of making items Christmas themed, he says “We personalise the android boxes with people’s names. We put your name in 3D on some of our boxes and it would say ‘Jenny’s TV box’ for example. You could have Christmas themed symbols on them too.”

The Liberty Market has a lot to offer for Christmas, so get shopping.

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