Bald Barista goes from 3 to 1

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Source Facebook, Bald Barista


The Bald Barista coffee shop downsized from 3 to 1

Despite having ‘the best coffee in Ireland’, the Bald Barista has lost two premises across Dublin 2 and now holds just one coffee shop at 68 Aungier Street.

Due to renovation of the Dandelion complex at St. Stephen’s Green, the petit coffee shop stopped trading on August 21st. The other well known premise on 55 Aungier Street, in the Avalon House hostel, was closed due to the end of the lease on July 10th.



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The owner of the Bald Barista, Buzz Fendall, made a public announcement on his Facebook page saying, “Ending another era of Bald Barista Cafe – St Stephen’s Green Cafe closed. Dandelion opens again on Dec 1st. Maybe we shall be back there, but who knows what the future holds. What an incredible team of Bald Barista employees that have been there for you. Linda, Aneta, Carla, Vanda, Karol just to name a few. Others you shall remember and each one has been part of what this small cafe became. Our frequent guests have also been an important part of what this cafe became. Each and every one of you were all part of the vibe that was there. Thank you.”

The famous coffee shop, which has been given 5 stars by the Sunday World, continues trading a few doors down, at 68 Aungier Street. With its small, cool surrounding along with a terrace to rewind and watch the world go by, the last standing Bald Barista proves to be as busy as ever.

Buzz Fendall says, “You all have us busier than ever, and for this we are extremely grateful.”



Source Facebook, Bald Barista


The Bald Barista is well known for its special blend of coffee known as ‘FIXX’ Blend. It is also very well known for its beautiful coffee art.

Tourists describe the coffee as ‘creamy’ and ‘milky’, one tourist describes the cafe as “the best in Dublin”.


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