New York to Wexford Street – MisterWives

MisterWives. Source: Photo Finish Records

MisterWives. Source: Photo Finish Records

New York quintets MisterWives have had one hell of a career, and they’re only just beginning. Forming a little over three years ago, they’ve gone on to tour with some of America’s biggest indie acts, have been featured on MTV numerous times and are now set to embark on a European tour, taking in a date at Whelan’s on May 16th.

“We’re really excited to hit Europe. I’ve got a lot of family from Galway and Clare that’re all coming up for the show, so it’s going to be something special, at least for me,” bassist Will Hehir detailed, the sense of excitement in his tone palpable throughout our conversation. “It’s always great to be able to play shows and have people respond to your music. Even now that we’ve sold out a whole US tour, I find myself reaching out to friends asking them to come through to the show to fill the room, pinching myself when I remember we’ve filled it out on our music alone,” Hehir explains, referring to the band’s sold out US headlining tour last month.

MisterWives have been going from strength to strength since they formed in 2012, gaining the attention of MTV. While not so widely known for the music side of their network nowadays, MTV have been a huge support to the quartet. “MTV have been a massive, massive support to us. When they decided to use Vagabond as the theme tune for Finding Carter, it brought us to a whole new level. We’ve even appeared in the show playing some tracks from our new record, we flew down to Atlanta, Georgia for it,” Hehir continues, referencing MTV’s breakout drama series that attracts hundreds of thousands of viewers across the US weekly. “MTV have been a huge support to us, honestly. I’m a firm believer that they’re still one of the most active supporters of new music in the media today,” the bassist explained, citing their MTV Buzzfeed title as ‘the new golden children of pop’ upon their Finding Carter debut.

All of this success was off the back of their debut EP, ‘Reflections’, which saw the group take to the stage with indie juggernauts Bleachers and Twenty One Pilots, gaining them a whole new fanbase. “It’s awesome to see fans of other bands get into us – it’s brought us to this place where we can tour in our own right, even heading across the globe just like they did. People have listened and loved us because of the acts we’ve opened for, and we’re all grateful”.

Having just released their first full length album ‘Our Own House’ in February this year, Hehir says the response to the record is something that they could’ve never imagined. “We like making music that makes people want to dance. We were proud of the music we made, but to see other people responding to it so well really makes us stoked and excited to meet anyone whose given us a chance”.

When MisterWives take to the stage in Whelan’s on May 16th, there are promises of dancing, music and a whole lot of fun. “I don’t know exactly what the show is going to involve yet; we don’t even know how we’re getting over there right now,” Hehir laughs, the vibrancy his band carries coming across in his character, as well. “If people are looking for somewhere to come and dance, to leave everything behind for one night and just have fun, they should come along to the show. We always put on something special when we’re in Europe, and this tour is no exception”.

Tickets for MisterWives show are available on Ticketmaster now for €13.


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