Dublin welcomes new weekly paper

A new city based paper is to be launched in Dublin, with the online version to go live this June and the print edition to be released next year.

The Dublin Inquirer will be a weekly paper; it will be online only for the first year and will then move to a print edition in the second year.

photo by : Lois Kapila

Photo by : Lois Kapila

Lois Kapila, managing editor and co-founder of the newspaper, explained how it will be aimed at younger Dubliners in a more formal, narrative style than you might find in other Dublin papers.

“I’ve always been struck by how great the city reporting they do in a lot of US cities is, so I wanted to do something like that with more in-depth local journalism than you might find in some papers at the moment.” She said.

The publication will be based in an office in Harold’s Cross and the when the newspaper comes into print it will be in circulation every Wednesday.

“I’ll be managing editor and also a reporter. We have a couple of other reporters and a sales person. We’re starting to get going on reporting stories and introducing ourselves to people and just getting people aware that we’re out there. I’ll be doing lots of editing and commissioning pieces and helping people refine ideas and that kind of thing, but we will have a lot of outside help from experienced journalists.” She said.

The publication will also be a good opportunity for local businesses to advertise.
“In the first year in will be funded by standard advertising, we’ll be trying to work with smaller SME’s/small businesses that want to reach our readers but might not be able to advertise in the nationals.”

The paper will have a local online shop, like a local amazon for Dublin businesses.
“If you’re interesting in reading about Dublin, maybe you’re also interested in supporting local Dublin businesses, so you can buy through our online shop and support everyone from artists to bakery’s etc…”

The publication also has social media websites which will be up and running this May.
“We’ll offer something a bit different online to offline.
“We’re going to have a small freelance fund because we want to keep fresh new voices coming in.”

Lois added how supportive people have been of the new paper all across the board.
“I’ve been really surprised with how supportive people have been. Not just journalists but also marketing and sales people.”

The website is up and will go live on the 3rd of June.

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