Dragon refurbished as new restaurant Soder and Ko

SO KO                           Soder and Ko, sourced by Ingrid Alexandra

The well-known gay bar, Dragon on South Great Georges Street has been renovated after 9 years in business and welcomes a new restaurant in its place.

The new restaurant was opened to the public on the 16th of March combining the two vibrant cultures of Scandinavia and Asia.

Soder and Ko food’s is offered in a sleek surrounding full of Scandinavian inspired art. This restaurant is also a café and a late night bar which is opened until 2am with guest DJs and a dancing area.

The dark spacious area offers tapas-style foods and sharing meals. There is something available for everyone as there are vegetarian and sushi based meals.

Not only do Soder and Ko represent fine and quirky art around the area, they also specialise in food art, which they express as being “passion on a plate”, making each meal look unique every time. These meals are prepared in house  by Chef Kwanghi Chan.

For those who want to rewind, Soder and Ko also has an open garden in the back of the restaurant where you can enjoy a Scandinavian inspired cocktail made by one of the cocktail bar tenders who recently got into the final of the Diageo World Class competition.

Previously owned by Capital Bars, along with Café en Seine, The George and Howl at the Moon, it has been sold to Danu Investment Partners LTD. While the other three bars are still in business as their original clubs, Dragon was the only one which was re-opened as a new business.

In the Capital Bars portfolio, Dragon was the only one described as a potential to be renewed as a different business completely, “this sale represents an outstanding opportunity to acquire a strategically located freehold property with the potential to re-brand and establish a high volume, high margin food, drink and late night bar business.”

Mark O’Meara, part owner of Danu Partners said: “We did a major refurbishment and re-opened it as Soder and Ko last month, with an excellent food offering, great cocktails and very comfortable bar, club and outdoor areas.”

Dragon was on the market since May and was valued at over €3 million with the entire Captial portfolio being sold for €15 million, exceeding expectations by €3 million.

Former employee of Dragon, Gareth Meredith expresses his  reaction to the Dragon being refurbished: “the Dragon closing wasn’t just detrimental for me, it had a darkening impact on the community, it almost felt as though we were fighting a losing battle. I had seen first hand how it was truly in the heart of our community and as it left so did a piece of us.”

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