DIT Fashion Show

The DIT fashion society this year celebrated the hosting of its 12th annual fashion show in Vicar Street on the 14th April.


The show is the annual flagship event for the society and every year showcases the best of modelling talent in DIT as well as some of the best student designers that the country has to offer.


The theme of this year’s show was that of ‘cultural fusion’, something which was clearly embodied throughout the show in many different sectors.

DIT Fashion Show Photo Credit:Ruth Medjber

DIT Fashion Show
Photo Credit:Ruth Medjber


One way in which the theme was most prominent was in the student design competition. Many of the designers on the night presented pieces that exhibited the marriage of many cultures worldwide using technique, colours and symbols specific to one culture and applying it to another.


This theme added to the celebration of The Year of Irish Design 2015 as there were designers from all across Ireland showcasing their talents and skills as young Irish designers.


The winner of this year’s student design competition was Lamis Goumaa from Griffith College, Dublin who had a ’fauna’ inspired design. Goumaa claims that she took her inspiration from wolves, ravens and deer as a symbol of strength and courage. Her designs were modelled by South African born DIT student Nicholas Marnitz.


The second competition aspect of the show involved each of the models. One male and one female model each year are awarded a one year modelling contract with First Option Modelling Agency. This contract from the show started many successful modelling careers for students in the past. The winners of this year were Lorcan Bell and Diana VoLovei.


However, it was not just the models who won the contracts who found that modelling helped them to enjoy the show more. Model and member of DIT’s fashion society, Boni Odoemene, highlighted that joining the society and taking part as a model really helped to enhance his years as a student in the college.


“The DIT fashion show is definitely the best experience I’ve had so far in college. Before I was so reluctant to join, never mind get involved in a society the way I did with fashion. However since I joined, I’ve had so much fun and made so many new friends. Modelling really helped make the show as well” he said.


The show on the night was hosted by television presenter Brendan Courtney along with model and Spin 103.8 DJ Daniella Moyles. It began with a video about the charity partner for the show, the Jack and Jill Foundation, which tugged on the heartstrings of the audience.

Daniella Moyles and Brendan Courtney Photo Credit: Ruth Medjber

Daniella Moyles and Brendan Courtney
Photo Credit: Ruth Medjber


In the video a mother, Brigid Flanagan, spoke about her son who receives support from the foundation and how they have impacted upon her life. It was a poignant reminder of how important events like the fashion show are raising funds and awareness for such a worthwhile cause. This is the second year in a row in which the Jack and Jill Foundation were chosen as the charity partner.


To bring the audience back to a high tempo and vibrant atmosphere, a group of break dancers raced onto the catwalk and dazzled the audience with their performance, dancing to many well known songs to bring a fantastic energy to Vicar Street.


A host of gorgeous models perfectly showcased some of the amazing fashions that are available around the country. Some of the most prominent items on display were sequins, lace and high amounts of colour.


The show was divided into 11 segments, with each segment being allocated a culture to showcase. These ranged from ‘Asian Persuasion’, to ‘Parisian Nights’, to the showstopping finale of ‘Carnival’ which had hints of the Victoria’s Secret fashion show’s high glamour.


The theme of the night was showcased perfectly through the clothing on display, with many of the Irish designers incorporating an Asian twist in particular to many of their designs.


At the end of the first half of the show, audience members were treated to a performance by DIT’s dance society, further highlighting the importance of student participation in the running of the night.


The success of the fashion show is not just limited to that night but has also been recognised on a national level with it winning the award for Best Poster at the Board of Irish College Societies awards this year. As well as that, the show has been shortlisted for Best Live Event at the Event Industry Awards 2015.


The group behind it all, DIT’s fashion society, were thrilled with the result of the show on the night.


Members of the fashion society committee Gordon Geraghty and Cathy Stapleton praised the hard work and efforts that were put in by the students in the society to help bring the fashion show to life. While there was a core committee of 20 students, there was participation from over 160 students in total including models, set design and building among other aspects.


They also claim that the show can only be improved upon heading into next year.


“The show came together thanks to a very hard working committee through tireless hours put in despite college and part time jobs. I personally feel relieved but at the same time, I’m sad that it’s all over. Not just months, but three years have gone into the show for me and now that its all over I just hope that I can help the next committee with any questions they may have.

“Student involvement is key to the success of the show, it is what drives all those who take part through self and peer motivation  that leads to everyday actions. It provides us all with a great insight experience in a variety of areas that no class room lecture will ever teach” Gordon said.

Cathy seconded these statements, adding that the show would also not have been complete were it not for the support from sponsors and partners as well as the student involvement.


“We were all delighted on how well the fashion show went! There were so many amazing people involved who put in so much during the entire year and it was all so worth it. We were very lucky this year with Vodafone as our title sponsor and Spin 103.8 as our media partner. With their help, we were able to put on an extremely professional show.


“The night was complete with performances by DIT dance soc, break dancers and the presenters. I’m so proud to say I was so heavily involved in such a great event and it made it all the more special that all funds went to the very worthy charity, the Jack and Jill Foundation. Bring on next year, onwards and up!” Cathy said.


Co-chairperson of DIT’s fashion society, Tania Sheikh, was thrilled with how the event turned out this year and had particular praise for the student designers who competed. “This years’ show was a great success thanks to everyone involved, the talent and beautiful creations we saw from the student designers brought the show to the next level.

Nicholas Marnitz and Lamis Goumma Photo Credit: Ruth Medjber

Nicholas Marnitz and Lamis Goumma
Photo Credit: Ruth Medjber


“Our winner this year, Lamis Goumaa, stole the show with her incredible design and interpretation of the theme of Cultural Fusion; breaking boundaries & tradition.


“A special feature this year included up and coming Irish Designers showcasing their amazing designs on the catwalk – in celebration of the Year of Irish Design 2015” she said.


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