Off the Booze…on the ball

Dublin Institute of Technology’s  first year introducing the challenge “Off the Booze…On the Ball” eluded expectations with only ten participants signing up to the programme.


The challenge involved participants abstaining from alcohol for just four weeks (off the booze) and using this time to focus on their health and wellbeing (on the ball) – all while raising funds for their local club.


Triona Keane, who is the physical activity and health officer at DIT, said that the overall response to the “Off the…Booze on the Ball” campaign had been poor.


“Unfortunately, there hasn’t been a massive response to the “Off the Booze…On the Ball” campaign. We have only ten participants signed up.” She explained that this result may not show the true effects of the campaign and that there may be some students that are doing the programme but just haven’t signed up.


“The students who we needed to target were students who didn’t reach enough physical activity levels and engaged in binge-drinking practices, were not interested in signing up to the program. I will have to put my thinking cap on as to how this can be better run in DIT next year,” she said.


Two participating adult teams who complete the challenge will win a training session with ambassadors Oisin McConville and Brendan Cummins, as well as a visit to their clubs from The Sam Maguire or The Liam McCarthy Cup.

Last year seven third level colleges participated which encouraged their students to take the challenge, according to the official GAA website.


Ms. Keane explained how she is currently putting together a committee that will work on health and promotion activities. “I will bring the poor response to the “Off the Booze…On the Ball’ challenge up at this meeting and take it from there. Perhaps we need more alcohol awareness activities to run on campus,” she said.



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