Cafés in The Liberties

For such a small area, The Liberties has cafés in abundance. Around every corner you will find a new spot to eat, grab a coffee and have a natter with your friends. We take a look at just some of the different cafés in the area, each providing something different for its customers.


Bite of Life Café – Patrick Street

Bite of Life in Patrick Street. Photo: John Smith



The quintessential neighbourhood café. A warm and homely café helmed by Jorinde who has been working here for the past 18 years, with warmth provided by the real fire. Described as a “friendly, neighbourhood meeting point”, when you look around it is clear to see why. Bite of Life boasts customers of all ages smiling and laughing, enjoying their lunch and eachothers company over fresh food and coffee.


Their specialities include fresh salads, homemade soup and a variety of juices, as well as some truly good coffee. A nutritionally diverse treat for any customer.


There is no “typical” customer here, anyone and everyone is welcome. Jorinde describes her café as “a mix of everyone.” From the offices here, the schools, the teachers, a lot of the locals, all age groups. A total “melting pot” of people at this tasty AND healthy spot.


The café is open seven days, with new items regularly added to the menu. Their latest new arrival is a salmon quiche which joins the best-selling carrot cake and swiss cheese, pesto and tomato hot rolls and salad plates.


Jorinde says that what makes the cafe so special is the regulars. “You see the same people coming and going, getting married, growing up and you get to bond with them.”


The Fumbally – Fumbally Lane


It’s hard to put into words just what kind of place The Fumbally actually is. From the outside it looks like just another office block, with no particularly eye-catching signage, but once inside you are enveloped by it’s uniqueness and charm. As Aisling from The Fumbally says, “There’s life that you definitely don’t notice from the road.”


Local school children, elderly women and men in suits all come in to enjoy what The Fumbally has to offer.


There is a huge emphasis on healthy local produce at The Fumbally, with vegetables displayed colourfully in the open.


Indeed openness is an adjective which suits this little gem perfectly. The seating arrangements are open and undivided, with different people encouraged to come together on the long tables all for the same purpose, to enjoy their time there.


Simple. Fresh. Creative. That is how to describe the food at The Fumbally. It is known for its innovative egg-based creations. On a Saturday they do three different versions of the one dish; green eggs and ham, and eggs with avocado. The specials inspired by their creative chefs are another exciting characteristic at The Fumbally. They have the freedom to choose what they cook and use the most interesting ingredients available. They change every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. “Don’t look at the menu, only look at the special’s board”, offers Aisling. And with a thought-out rotation of specials, you will never get the same thing within a month.


Exciting things are happening at The Fumbally. They have a new building next door with a kitchen and are going to start doing workshops, training, small-focused classes for food and coffee as well as yoga and other events.


The people are what make The Fumbally and it is what Aisling says she loves most about working here.

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