Oldest Gent in the Liberty Market

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Ninety-four year old Harry is not only the oldest stall owner but is also the first trader to book a stall in The Liberty Markets. He has been working there for forty two years.

“I live for working here. I’m the longest here and if anyone knows it, I know it,” he beams. “I sell all these shoes, but I have different types. I had four people working for me before but I’m working on my own now,” he continues.

 However, the oldest stall owner explained how the markets are now very quiet compared to recent years.

“The atmosphere isn’t the same as it used to be years ago,” he laments. “I enjoy working here, but the way it’s gone is nothing compared to what it used to be. If I could go back to two years ago people would be be bumping off each other.”

The Liberty Markets have been a very popular shopping destination since 1976. The markets are located on Meath Street in The Liberties. It is a place that’s known for it’s variety of products for the local people and the great atmosphere created by the workers.

Harry’s shoes are sold at a third of the price of high street stores. Every stall in the market is selling products at very good prices which is one of the many reasons why the locals continue to shop there. The friendly atmosphere that the workers have towards each other and the customers makes The Liberty Markets a place that the local people enjoy.

There are many different stalls packed into the market, customers are spoiled for choice. The markets offer many different styles and brands of clothing for every age group as well as antiques and shoes. There is also a huge variety of  colourful lamps and lights on offer.

The atmosphere in the markets shows the great sense of community that is in The Liberties and is a must-visit for some great bargains.

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