60 new jobs in Dublin with new Biopharmeceutical company

Horizon Pharma

Horizon Pharma

Bio-pharmaceutical company Horizon Pharma have announced that 60 new jobs will be made available in Dublin as they open their new global headquarters.
The pharmaceutical company will be looking for employees in the field of research and development, finance and supply chain.
The company said they were attracted to setting up their headquarters in Dublin because of the young talented workforce, as well as the tax benefit, and they will be looking for staff over the next three years.
“The opening of our new corporate headquarters is a significant milestone in the company’s development and Dublin provides a perfect location from which to manage our company.”
“We are very impressed with the economic progress Ireland has made in recent years and we believe the outlook for the economy is very positive,” said the chief executive, Timothy Walbert.
The offices will be located at Connaught House on Burlington Road and twenty people have already been hired by the company.
The Taoiseach, Enda Kenny, attended the opening and claimed that the company coming to Ireland was a big step in showing Ireland’s growing involvement in this sector.
“Attracting companies like Horizon Pharma to establish and create jobs in Ireland is one of the Government’s key missions as we work to secure the recovery and ensure that more people begin to feel the benefits in their daily lives,” said Kenny.
Horizon Pharma’s goal is to improve patients’ lives by developing and identifying products that will help medical needs that are not yet being met. They already have products in arthritis, inflammation and orphan diseases.

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