International storytellers to perform in Arthur’s Pub

Photo by Story-O

Photo by Story-O

INTERNATIONAL storytelling group Story-O will be performing in Arthur’s Pub on Thomas Street this Thursday 20th November.

Their show “For the Love of Something…” will take place from 8pm and will explore the theme of love.

Fiona Dowling, who is a French-Irish storyteller, is a founding member of the group and she said the aim of the event is ‘to entertain, to touch and to inspire’.

“We try to have an event once a month, and when we looked back over the evenings we’ve had we found that whenever we had anything to do with love we had the most crowds and the best turnout,” she said.

Dowling also said that the theme of love was decided upon because of its universal appeal:

“There was a debate over the November event. We were trying to find a theme that incorporated everybody’s desires and so we found that “For the Love of Something…” could work.”

“All of us share stories for different reasons”, she said and continued:

“We try to tell stories that we really love, that are fun for us.”

The performers on the night will include Irishman Gerry Clancy, Simone Schuemmelfeder from Germany, Boaz Zur from Israel and Michael Phelan who is from the Liberties area.

Mr Phelan stated that the show will have ‘something for everyone’ as the Story-O members cover a wide range of different story types:

“There’s a great variety of stories. No matter what background you come from you’ll be entertained.”

Ms Dowling agrees:

“Some stories will entertain you; some will scare you; some will inspire you; some will touch you; some will remind you maybe of a question you’ve got within you. Storytelling is quite a magical medium.”

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