The Liberty heads down the Rabbit Hole

Rabbit Hole Promotions is an innovative advertising agency making waves across Dublin. Managing Director Mark Lacey speaks to Rebecca Gill about the company’s unique selling point and its plans for the future.

The company has a novel take on the industry providing its unique and creative products and services through the medium of art. It was established in 2012 and has been increasingly in demand ever since. Its aim is to create impressive street style art in the streets of Dublin through the form of advertisements.


Rabbit Hole Promotions

Rabbit Hole Promotions


Does your company solely do street art advertising or are there other services available?

​“We are a creative guerrilla advertising agency specialising in large scale spray painted artwork. The outlet or the occasion at which we paint is solely at the discretion of the client. We are constantly expanding our product and service portfolio in order to cater the growing needs of the industry.”


Do you employ exterior street artists to do certain pieces or is it all based within Rabbit Hole Promotions?

​“Everything we produce is in house. This is to ensure the standard and quality of our work is the same, regardless of the project.”


Who would generally ask you to do street art?

“Through our unique medium, competitive pricing and creation of an artistic and commercial hybrid, we have developed a platform which is accessible and attractive for small, medium, large and international brands alike. Therefore, our clients have ranged from and Wildcard Distribution to Universal and Oracle.”


You have an ad for Heineken on Camden Rows situated in Dublin 8, who was the artist behind that massive piece and would you consider that to be one of your best?

“The leading artist of that project was our Creative Director and of course, with the help of one of our previous artists, Sam Le Bas. We never, unless necessary, mention our names. I’ve only mentioned Sam’s as he has since left us. We like those involved to remain anonymous where possible so as the company remains its own entity as opposed to being viewed as a collection of individuals.”

“We are constantly evolving and therefore, the quality of work is also constantly improving. So what we consider to be our best work today will be completely different tomorrow, which is great as it keeps us fresh and hungry to outdo ourselves which can only be beneficial for our clients.”


Rabbit Hole Promotions street art, Camden Row.

Rabbit Hole Promotions street art, Camden Row.


How long would a piece of that size take to complete?

“Depending on the design, within reason, the timeframe in which the piece is begun and completed is at the discretion of the client. We could have produced this Street Advertisement in eight hours if requested however we suggested it to be painted over a period of two days. The reason for this is to generate a sense of mystery and intrigue. Thus, creating a campaign which the general public can interact with, at no added expense to the client, as they view the artwork come to fruition, from beginning to end, over an extended period.”

He then added;

​“We have also begun to work with an experiential agency, Platinum Promotions, whom provide ​promotional staff, in branded attire, to be present whilst the painting process is taking place. This way the staff can inform, those who are interested, the reason for the campaign and the concept behind the design.”


Do you have any other pieces situated around Dublin 8 or Smithfield? What are they?

​“We do indeed. At present we have a Street Advertisement on our Chancery Street Space for HOME which is a Disco/House/Funk event. Details of which are available at Our Street Advertising ​Space portfolio is constantly expanding and we implore anyone who feels they may have suitable space to visit the FREE MONEY page of our website.”


What’s your take on the ‘graffiti as art or vandalism’ debate?

​“Each piece of ‘art’ or ‘vandalism’ has to be assessed on an independent basis. It is impossible to generalise. The eye of the beholder comes into effect.”


If street art advertising is something that intrigues you and you would like to find out more, go visit their site at or their Facebook site ‘Rabbit Hole Promotions’.

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