Street style in the Liberties


Floating around the streets of the Liberties on a Saturday afternoon, I stumbled upon a few stylish street folk.

The Liberties is an incredibly unique, historic, artistic and cultural hub of Dublin’s inner city. The evidence can be seen everywhere, from colourful and urban street art that stains many walls and alleys, to an eclectic collection of markets and second hand stores.

Here are few of the heads I met on my journey through the old streets of Dublin 8…


Sandra Enkurniece, 23, Dublin 8

Latvian interior design graduate, Sandra, wears black and gold-flecked jeans from TK Maxx, authentic gold rimmed Ray-bans, with a pair of boots she created herself.

Where do you get your stylespiration from?
I think the most important people we get style from are the people we meet every day, for example you. Anything unique. I like unique things.”

Sandra St Style Web

Sandra’s street style


Sarah Nulty, 25, Rahtfarnham, Dublin 14

Sarah wears black T-strap sandals from River Island, adding a pop of colour with her tailored military-style coat in yellow, and a chunky gold statement necklace; both from Zara.

Where do you get your stylespiration from?
Looking through magazines, and I love bright colours. Coming into winter now, everyone is wearing black, so I’m kind of mixing Summer clothes with Winter clothes. I hate all black. I like something that catches my eye and I buy it.”

Sarah's street style

Sarah’s street style


Peter Smith, 23, Meath

Fashion photographer, Peter, goes for the dark look; all black everything, including Cheap Monday skinnies and patent oxblood brogues from office.

Where do you get your stylespiration from?
I guess from magazines, musicians and people I like.”

Peter's street style

Peter’s street style


Ronan Gallagher, 28, Lucan, Co. Dublin

Architecture graduate, Ronan, wears a blue vintage shirt bought from a charity shop in Roscommon, styled with a rustic brown leather bomber jacket from a second hand store in Melrose, LA. Brown skinnies from Topman, and brown suede boots from Clarks finish off his look.

Where do you get your stylespiration from?
What’s comfy I suppose, and what works for work, what’s handy for during the day. So not much inspiration, mostly just what’s comfortable, and I love the colour blue.”


Ronan's street style

Ronan’s street style


Jialing Zhao, 27, Clontarf, Dublin 3

Fashion designer, Jialing Zhao, wears a beautifully chic, long yellow tartan dress of her own creation, teamed with a black military style trench coat, which she claims goes with everything. She paired this with black pointed boots she bought online.

Where do you get your stylespiration from?
I got the Jacket in BT2. I normally get clothes there because they go with other pieces. The dress I made myself, I like long garments and you can’t get much long stuff in Dublin.”


Jialing's street style

Jialing’s street style


Isnard Barbosa, 28, Phoenix Park, Dublin 7

Brazilian tattoo artist, Isnard, lets a chain hang from his funky textured pants from Topman, with a black NY snapback and golden spacers in his ears. He teams this with a bomber jacket in maroon and brown, a grey hoodie, and animation tee. He tops the look off with a pair of Etnies skater shoes.

Where do you get your stylespiration from?
From everything, especially painting of artists from the past, such as Caravaggio and Da Vinci.”

Isnard's street style

Isnard’s street style



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