Future Talents feel the bonus

By Niamh Haskins and Michelle Dardis 

This Saturday night ‘Future Talents’ hosted by Primal Fighting Championships takes to the ring in the Tivoli Theatre, with what promises to be a night of knock out action with high level production.

On the night, you can expect to see plenty of drama as 20 fights take place in the ring, with a mixture of pro fights, amateur fights, title fights and four man tournament title fights.

The main event will see Jeanderson Castro and Zilvinus Bujauskas taking to the ring. Bajauskas is a former Irish kickboxing champion, an eight time Lithuanian boxing champion and a seasoned pro MMA fighter. Castro is the ISKA pro K1 champion, an experienced MMA fighter and also a highly skilled boxer. According to Chris Boyne, CEO of Future Talents, it’s going to be an explosive fight.

Zilvinus, photo courtesy of Chris Boyne.

Zilvinus, photo courtesy of Chris Boyne.

“We are very excited about this match up. Both fighters have the same aggressive style. Bajauskas is a multiple champion in boxing and MMA in Europe, with a three year gap from the ring or cage. Castro is pro ISKA K1 champion and is one of the most exciting, entertaining fighters on the Irish circuit at the moment. Expect three rounds of an all out war,” he said.

Jeanderson, photo courtesy of Chris Boyne

Jeanderson, photo courtesy of Chris Boyne

Up next see’s the rematch everyone has been waiting for between Eamon Deane from Derry and James Brennan from Cork.

“Brennan is a very experienced pro MMA fighter from Cork, and considered to be one of the top stand up fighters in Ireland. He has a very impressive record in MMA and has 2 pro K1 fights: one win, one loss. The loss is from his fight with Eamon Deane.

“Deane is a former kickboxing champion and experienced MMA fighter, with a record of three pro K1 fights and all wins. Eamon is a very exciting fighter and one of the most popular fighters on the Irish scene,” said Chris.

Following that comes the Four Man Tournament, which sees four fighters enter the ring with the aim to become the next ISKA champion; the most sought after belt in Ireland. This fight is one that nobody, including the fighters, Adam Pieczarka, Colm Hughes, Stephen O’Neill and Mark O’Mahony will expect. Chris has thrown in a curve ball that is sure to cause plenty of drama in the ring.

Chris said, “So we’re going to bring the four of them into the ring. We have a bit of a twist which will make them a bit angrier. We’re putting in a bonus ball which has powers and will change everything for the fighters. It will be very interesting.”

This showcase of talent is bound to be one which won’t be forgotten easily and there’s still time to get tickets if you want to head along.

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