Five exhibitions currently running at IMMA


IMMA (photo: Sean Whitty)

IMMA (photo: Sean Whitty)

The Irish Museum of Modern Art (IMMA) currently have five different exhibitions on show proving that there is no lack of creativity to be seen from the moment you walk into the building.

The first of the exhibitions is IMMA Collection: Conversations. This exhibition is a selection of various displays from the IMMA Collection that present the idea of dialogue on a few levels. This is the only exhibition currently at the IMMA that has various artists’ work on show in the same exhibition.

Group Co-ordination is the exhibition on show by Caroline McCarthy. It includes three recent pieces of her work on loan from her studio. Having been a resident on the studio programme in 1997, Caroline has had a long-standing relationship with the IMMA.

Caroline’s work often refers to production and waste and uses art-historical tropes like the still life, as seen in Group Coordination.

IMMA is currently holding a major exhibition of work by internationally renowned artist Hélio Oiticica called ‘Propositions’.

Propositions include a concise selection of works by the artist, including examples from his prolific career with a view to illuminating his art historical importance and relevance to contemporary practice.

‘Second Sight: The David Kronn Photography Collection’ is an exhibition drawn from the extraordinary collection of photography by Dr. David Kronn from the past 20 years.

The collection comprises of more than 550 photographs ranging in content from 19th-century Daguerreotypes as well as works from award-winning contemporary photographers such as August Sanders and Edward Weston.

The final exhibition is that of Jonathan Monk, The Project Space. The works presented are ‘All the Possible Combinations of Eight Legs Kicking’, ‘The Same Time In A Different Place’ and ‘A Possible Version of Minimal Art: The Movie’.

These all feature the witty humour for which the artist is best known. Incorporating movement, elements of performance and photographic imagery this exhibition will be one to remember.

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