Red light cameras to halt Luas light breakers

Cameras are to prevent motorists from breaking the lights at luas stops Photo: William Murphy via flckr

Cameras are to prevent motorists from breaking the lights at luas stops
Photo: William Murphy via flckr

A camera system aimed at preventing motorists breaking red lights at Luas lines is to be introduced by the end of the year.

Transport Minister Leo Varadkar has now approved the scheme after several trials at places where the Luas lines meet traffic lights at Blackhall Place and Queen Street, near the quays on the Red Line.

A spokesperson for the Railway Procurement Agency (RPA) said “All Luas stops have CCTV cameras. There are currently no “red light” cameras at Luas stops. There are two operational red light cameras and one of these is located at the Luas intersection with Blackhall Place and Benburb Street.”

Camera footage of motorists breaking red lights at Luas junctions will be sent to An Garda Sìochàna who will decide if penalty points or a fine should be imposed.

So far this year there have been 10 road traffic collisions on Luas lines, nine of which were on the Red Line that runs from west Dublin into the north inner city, including the Fatima and St. James’ stops.

The most recent incident took place on 7 April where a woman was killed when she was struck by a car that spun around as it hit the tram at the junction of Abbey Street and Jervis Street.

However, according to the RPA have recent events have not dictated this latest attempt at clamping down on motorists breaking lights at Luas lines. The agency said: “We have been working with partner agencies on this process for some time.”

It is yet to be confirmed if there will be cameras allocated to the James’ Hospital to Heuston station section.

“There aren’t specific plans to cover every section of the line,” according to the RPA.

The roll-out of the scheme will be accompanied by a publicity campaign involving Luas operators, the RPA, the Department of Transport, Dublin City Council and An Garda Sìochàna.

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