Planning permission on hold for Dublin Whiskey Company

Marie Byrne of Dublin Whiskey Company

Marie Byrne of Dublin Whiskey Company


Dublin Whiskey Company (DWC) will have to make a number of revisions to its Mill Street development to secure planning permission for its new distillery.

Dublin City Council (DCC) has asked DWC to make 11 revisions which include a change in the height of the structure, clarification on their total quantity of production and the predicted number of visitors.

DWC plans to build a new distillery, visitor’s centre, café and local gallery, creating 30 jobs in construction and a further 25­­ to 30 permanent jobs in the distillery.

The distillery’s managing director, Marie Byrne, was not unhappy with the council’s decision. “We have to get back to them with further information and send through the revisions,” she told The Liberty.

There were two objections to the DWC planning permission, most notably from rival whiskey company Teeling Whiskey, whose new distillery on Newmarket will have its rear entrance on Mill Street.

Teeling Whiskey received planning permission for its own distillery in January of the this year. It objected to the DWC development on the grounds that it would cause traffic disruption in the area, its planner stating that “the proposed development’s loading and delivery arrangements will have a significant and quite damaging effect on their operations”.

However, the council’s planning decision indicates that the traffic problems suggested by Teeling Whiskey would not be an issue for the development.

There were no objections to Teeling Whiskey’s own planning permission application several months ago.

In fact, DCC received a letter of support for the Teeling development from DWC. That support, however, didn’t stop Teeling from making its own objection, just two months later, to the smaller DWC development.

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