Get bang for your buck in the Liberties with BoozeDoc

Molloys on Francis Street Photo: Dan Quinn

Molloys on Francis Street
Photo: Dan Quinn

Everyone has had that sinking feeling when you’re holding a bottle of wine with your face pressed against a shop window staring at the exact same bottle that’s in your hand, except it is €2 cheaper.

Thanks to new app BoozeDoc that sinking feeling is a thing of the past. The app is designed to give you the best prices for drink in your area, and The Liberty has found the best value for money off-licenses and stores in the Liberties to make life on your wallet a little easier.

The app was founded in April 2013 and was top of the food and drink category of the App Store on 12 March this year. It’s currently 16th and has a five star rating on the store.

Molloys is a popular destination for a jolly outing, and if Carlsberg takes your fancy then you can get a six pack of 500ml cans for €8.99. For those of you who are more partial to spirits, Molloys offer a 700ml bottle of Eristoff Original for €18.99

Just down the road from Molloys on Meath Street is Next Door which offers a 700ml bottle of Huzzar for €18.99 and a pack of eight 500ml cans of Carlsberg for €12.00.

If you’re taste leans more towards a nice glass of red in front of the fire while watching your favourite detective show, then Centra on Cork St may be where you want to do your shopping.

They have a bottle of Jean Berteau Cabernet Sauvignon for €8.49, or a bottle of Torres Sangre De Toro for slightly more at €9.49.

Centra also do a 700ml bottle of Smirnoff for €22.00 which although is the most expensive of the three stores, it is perhaps the most pristine brand.

As time passes more shops will be added to BoozeDoc, but for now you can rely on The Liberty to tell you where you can get the most bang for your buck.


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