Brooks set for intimate Tivoli gig

Garth Brooks will storm the stage of Dublin’s Tivoli Theatre later this year.

Brooks will be travelling to Dublin on the 10 of July this year in time to perform the uncovered unplugged gig five days later.

Brooks is set to perform totally on his own  without the use of an elaborate band and Ireland is set to be the only country on Brooks’ tour in which the cosy event will take place.

The Tivoli has a maximum capacity of 1,250 people between seats and standing. The snug surroundings will enable guests to get up close and personal with the country musician.

“I can’t wait to perform on a smaller scale with some of my fans,”Brooks said exclusively in a promotional interview on his website.

The tickets for this intimate evening went on sale through Ticketmaster at nine o’clock this morning and had sold out by ten past nine.  The singer and songwriter’s Croke Park concert sold out in a matter of minutes also.

“I can’t believe how dedicated my fans are, people camped out to get a ticket, that’s crazy” Brooks said in response to his second sold out Irish gig.

Brooks is set to go to the Liberty Belle for a Guinness after the Tivoli gig, “I love Guinness, I’m definitely going to drop into the Belle for a pint with my fans,” he said.

The star will stay in Dublin 8 at The Radisson Blue hotel on Golden Lane for the duration of his trip.

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