The ever-evolving Katy Perry

Katy Perry shows a mature side to her music in her latest album, Prism- Photo courtesy of Ryan McGinley

Katy Perry shows a mature side to her music in her latest album, Prism- Photo courtesy of Ryan McGinley

From the moment Katy Perry announced her new album ‘Prism’ we knew it wasn’t going to give us the candy coated summery hits of “Teenage Dream”, but something much deeper.

Perry literally laid the era to rest at a mock funeral. Symbolically, she burned the blue wig worn during her “California Gurls” phase.
A la Taylor Swift, there’s no denying that Katy’s many failed relationships inspire most of the songs on Prism; she told her record label to expect some ‘dark’ material.

Judging by her first single of the album ‘Roar’, an empowerment anthem, we are well aware that Perry is “already shaking off the dust” and ready to let rip.

‘Dark Horse’, featuring Juicy J, has a catchy bass-drenched beat while ‘Walking on Air’ has a distinct 90′s retro vibe about it. ‘International Smile’ is catchy as hell with a Daft Punk-style, and she even raps in ‘This Is How We Do’, which is another catchy earworm despite containing the horrible Mariah Carey pun ‘Mariah karaoke’.

The mega-power ballad ‘Unconditionally’, which she performed at the EMA’s, has a Florence and the Machine tone, while ‘This Moment’ looks at the present and what tomorrow might bring for her.

The album ends with the tender ‘By the Grace of God’, in which Katy Perry resolves not to “let love take me out that way”. She sounds like a woman, and an artist, who’s finally found herself and some inspiration.

Swedish musician Robyn was a big influence on this album, and Perry and her producers Max Martin and Dr. Luke, who are credited throughout, make a decent attempt at recreating that sound.

Of course, there are many who think Perry’s new inspirational streak has detracted from her usual music. One thing is for sure: Katy Perry has matured and moved on from her candy-coloured ‘California Gurls’ heyday.


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