Mingle me senseless on Camden Street

Eamonn Mooney and Rainey J Dillon at Oscar Verne's coffee shop

Eamonn Mooney and Rainey J Dillon at Oscar Verne’s coffee shop. Photograph by Ross McGovern

The Ferocious Mingle Marcade no longer resides on Thomas Street and owners Rainey J Dillon and Eamonn Mooney’s have found a new place to host their emporium of eccentricity. They have upped stakes and moved to their new location at 60 Camden Street writes Ross McGovern.

Rainey was behind the coffee bar on the day I stopped by the marcade. Her love for the concept is evident through atmosphere she has created throughout the building.

Throughout it there are flourishes of the Victorian era, the 1920’s and the carnival – with a hint of creepy. One’s senses are enveloped by the sheer magnitude of detail that has gone into its decoration.

Speaking of the location, she says “This is more suitable to the model. Most of our customers would come from this direction over to Thomas Street. They’re all very happy and welcoming us to the area.”

It’s a place that piques curiosity, so how did it start?

“I used to run this as a monthly market event in the co-op and in the Front Lounge. It quickly outgrew that so I decided to take on a building with the permanent chalets for people.

“What we provide here is these little chalets for €80 or €20 a day to start your own micro business so you can bring your own stock in here you can get your own customers, who know that you are here four days a week, build up business and make profit that way, the overheads, everything is included.”

The bevy of businesses to choose from is admirable. There is a milliner, retro video games, an art gallery and ethnic gift wear –including leather journals, silks and soaps. There is an amazing stock of vintage and antique curiosities, a book shop, food, one of a kind garments, another curio shop, 60s clothing, funky T shirts and even Christmas T shirts.

Rainey also has her own art company. She tells me that Oscar Byrne’s Coffee Bar is the heart of the place. It’s deep red wooden old school type of plinth to put your coffee.

The site is divided into different levels and is large at 4,000 square feet. “The levels in the building give it that extra, the journey, you know. You can journey through it and find very interesting stuff here and a few of our anchor traders came along with us and we brought on a couple of new ones as well.

“We love being here, absolutely love it. As soon as we moved in as soon as the bunting went up local businesses came in to wish us well and our customers that had frequented Thomas Street came in to wish us the best in everything,” says Rainey.

There is no other way to put this; they’re a happy bunch who get along with each other.

“We have private parties every now and again, it’s a private members club and to join you come to the coffee bar and have a chat.”

On Sunday the chalet owners make an extra effort and even dress up to add that extra sparkle.

Rainey expects: “We’re going to be here for a few years, we have a friendly landlord, and he loves what we’re doing. We’ve settled in for the next few years, we all work together. It’s kind of like a family vibe in here.

“It’s nice to come to work and like the setting that’s around you and the people, especially if you have low times as well. Then we all butt off each other so it’s grand, in the mingle economy.”


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