Elderly targetted in theft of prescription drugs

Prescription drugs

Photo via Morguefile/Ronnieb

Recent months have seen an increase in targeting of the elderly community for their prescription medication in the Liberties area.

The latest statistics have revealed that Dublin is Ireland’s crime capital. The capital boasts the highest rates for robberies, theft, drug and fraud offenses.

The figure of 789 offences per 10,000 far exceeds the national average of 532 offenses per 10,000.

A representative from the North Inner City Local Drugs Task Force said that since the recession more people are using prescription drugs illegally.

According to a local doctor there has been a lot of evidence of abuse to the elderly lately:

“We are finding that we have to be very careful giving elderly people prescriptions because in some cases younger family members are stealing them and selling them.”

She also said that at the moment sleep medication like “diazepam’s 10” have a street value of 3 euro per tablet.

In an attempt to counter the increase of illegal prescription drugs the government are coming down heavy on doctors and pharmacists for giving out drugs such as benzodiazepines.

The drug benzodiazepines is prescribed to reduce anxiety, relax the muscles and to encourage sleep however drug pushers are now using them to ease the comedown from stimulant drugs such as ecstasy, cocaine and speed.

Locals from the Liberties believe that the current problem with drug use is a result of the lack of funding for HSE drug clinics.

They state that these services do not have the necessary funding to recruit frontline staff that is needed to treat the numbers of people who are seeking help.

Photo courtesy of Morguefile/Ronnieb

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