NCHD strike at James Hospital

NCHD protest at James Hospital. Photo: Shauna Irwin

NCHD protest at James Hospital. Photo: Shauna Irwin

Over 100 campaigners paced quietly outside St James Hospital yesterday as part of the Irish Medical Organisation’s (IMO’s) strike to down scale junior doctors’ hours.

The Enough is Enough campaign aims to reduce the hours of non-consultant hospital doctors (NCHDs) to bring them in line with the European working time legal limit.

Member of the NCHD committee, Shane Considine, told The Liberty “This campaign was set up was in an attempt to curtail a shift in excess of 24 hours and trying to cut our weekly hours back to 48 hours.”

“This is bringing it in line with what our own contract stipulates but is also bringing it in line with the law.”

The protesters held up posters that read ‘Enough is Enough’, ‘24 no more’ and ‘support doctors to protect patients’ while marching in a circle.

Helpers were on hand to hand out tea and coffee to people who stood outside for the protest.

Mr Considine said: “Patients deserve doctors who aren’t tired, who are fresh and who are alert.

“We have limitations on hours for people who are bus drivers, taxi drivers, pilots because they are in a position where they are looking after people and there is a potential risk to others. We feel doctors are no different. We can’t provide the same level of care.”

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