Fifa 14 v PES – where will your money be better spent?

PES 14 screenshot: Konami

PES 14 screenshot: Konami

There’s only ever been two real contenders when it comes to football; Fifa and Pro Evolution Soccer. With the release of their 2014 versions, both games are ready for kick-off, but it may be far from a close match.

Since the series began in the 90’s, Fifa has reigned over the football simulation genre. However, more gamers are pinning their loyalties to PES more than ever, which is rumoured to provide the more realistic football experience.

Fifa have completely overhauled their prior ball physics, and improved the shooting system. But most impressive is the new Precision Movement feature which EA have been mulling over for two years.

In-game movement of the past was pathetically awkward at times but will now be more realistic. The pesky foot sliding issue which has plagued Fifa for the last few years is also now a thing of the past.

So, with Fifa 14’s improved gaming features, the two rivals should now stand on par in terms of simulation accuracy, but how do the games rate on overall experience?

Fifa’s graphics are far superior to PES, and the game is set to be released on the next-gen consoles. Konami’s attempt to tie up their characters with their real life counterparts looks more like a bad Pixar movie in comparison.

And just in case you don’t get enough rain in real life, Fifa 14 is letting it pour as an option in its weather conditions. The grass will remain dry in PES though, as Community Manager Adam Bhatti claims that weather conditions will not be “sorted out” until 2015. Bickering over this may seem daft but considering the vast amount of UK stadiums featured, rain can really make a difference to game realism.

But what really clinches the title for Fifa is PES’ lacklustre range of stadiums. A total of 20 stadiums are meekly supplied by PES, while Fifa boast over 50 licensed and unlicensed stadiums.

Fifa kicks it straight into the back of the net with this release. When gamers finally tire of GTA V, it’s obvious what will be their football game of choice.

PES 14: main image

Fifa 14: featured image

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