The Liberties goes global with its very own facebook page

The Liberties football team 1978

The Liberties football team 1978

In a time where social media gets blamed for many problems in society, Stephen Conaty explains why a Facebook page is getting people from the Liberties back in touch with their area

In a modern world where technology dominates, defines friendships, sets trends, starts revolutions, many of us struggle to make sense of it all and adapt. In a world behind a computer screen, with the click of a button there lies access to billions of documents, trillions of words, and plenty of fuss.

The information age is in full swing whether we like it or not. As a whole new digital world opens up in front of our eyes it’s easy to forget the one we already know. However, there may be just one friendly place on the world wide maze, even for those who appreciate the simple untechnologicalized things in life.

‘Growing up in the Liberties’ Facebook page is a site which shows just how technology and the most important aspects of life and community spirit can cooperate with each other. Set up just one year ago the page has well over 6,500 likes, with most of them from former inhabitants to the area and now living on every corner of the globe.

“The purpose of this page was to gather photos I had come across over the years, as I have a deep interest in my local area,” said the Facebook page’s administrator, simply known as ‘Admin’.

“It’s to remind people of the Liberties, what the area is all about and for them to remember to love the Liberties,” explained the administrator to The Liberty.

Hundreds of pictures relating to the area have been shared and can be accessed by anyone via a simple Google search.  The luxury of instant messaging allows for ease of communication among this cyber community. Anyone who wishes to catch a glimpse of the Liberties from back in the ‘auld days’, to discuss a certain person of interest or simply discover more about the area needs look no further.

It’s not just the past which is dwelled upon in ‘Growing up in the Liberties’ but it also reminds those no longer living in the area that home is only a simple click away for .


“I really think some people forgot about what the area is all about during the Celtic Tiger era,” said the Admin. “I just wanted to remind people that are scattered all over the globe of home.”

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