Ron Howard’s Rush is a griping account of the 1976 F1 season


BBC interview with James Hunt, portrayed by Chris Hemsworth

Ron Howard goes full throttle in his adaption of the 1976 Formula One season and the fierce rivalry between James Hunt and Niki Lauda.

The story transcends the world of sport and will attract film buffs, casual movie goers and F1 fans alike.

The film focuses mainly on the 1976 season when Hunt and Lauda went head to head for the world championship; however it also portrays the drivers’ contrasting lifestyles.

Chris Hemsworth does an excellent job at portraying the eccentric James Hunt. Hemsworth captures Hunt’s love of partying, drinking and promiscuous nature perfectly and helps bring a lovable, larger than life man to the big screen.

The portrayal of Niki Lauda by Daniel Brühl is what really stands out in the film though. The blunt and ignorant comments from Lauda provide much of the humour in the film.

The intensity that these two characters have for winning adds to the enjoyment of the film. Although both characters aren’t without their flaws the audience is unsure who to root for by the end of the film.

“Rush” is an exhilarating film and the storyline will keep audiences glued to the screen until the very end. With a strong cast and fast paced race scenes, “Rush” is one of the most exciting films of the year.

A thoroughly enjoyable film for all film goers and F1 fans, this film is sure to be one to watch come Oscar season.



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