Opinions mixed on Pope Francis as new leader of Catholic Church


Pope Francis (credit: Roberto Stuckert Filho)

Sinead Makk and Niamh Foran uncover local opinions on our new head of the Catholic Church, Pope Francis.

Karen: “I don’t really know yet, he has lovely airs and graces about him but I don’t really know anything about him.”

Winnie and Liz: “He looks lovely. He looks nice but I haven’t really thought about it at the moment. He looks really friendly. He seems to be jolly, more open than Pope Benedict.”

Larry O’ Toole: “I’m delighted with him; he’s a bit of fresh air into the Catholic Church.”

Sarah Cullen: “He’s alright. He will be coming to visit here but it won’t be this year he will be coming, it will be next year. I would definitely go see him if he came.”

Patrick Whelan: “I don’t know anything about him yet. I have no opinion at the moment because I think it really is too early to say.”

David: “I don’t believe in all that – I’m an atheist. I believe that there was a man called Jesus Christ that roamed the Earth. I have no interest in the pope. I have faith but I wouldn’t necessarily define that faith through the Pope.”

Margie Boyland: “He has to be given a chance doesn’t he? He is only starting out. I think he’s lovely to be honest with you.”

James O’Connor: “Yeah I think he’s good but he hasn’t really done too much has he? I suppose if he was to come to Ireland I would make an effort to learn more about him.’’

Marie O’Callaghan: “I don’t like him to be honest, I don’t agree with the whole idea of having one figurehead in the Catholic Church which dictates. I have my own faith and that’s that.”

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