How to: The perfect pout

Perfect Pout (Credit: Ailbhe Ní Riain)

Lips are the new statement in make-up this summer. Whether it’s nude shades or show-stopping reds it’s all about the lipsticks this summer.

Deep Reds: With the release of the Great Gatsby film the 1920s are back in fashion and that includes statement red lips. Bright scarlet lips and dark smokey eyes are on trend, with plenty of celebrities on the red carpet using them for a more show stopping look.

Nude shades: Nude lips are perfect this summer if you’re looking for a low profile look. Using beige and skin colour lipsticks are popular for an easy summer look and matching understated eye colours.

Rosy red: Probably the most favourite summer colour ever. Using a light shade of red is ideal for those going for a casual look with very little make-up. Using a rose colour is great for injecting a splash of summer into your make-up.

Hot pink: The grunge look returned to our catwalks earlier this year and following with the trend hot pink grunge lips are making a comeback too. Make-up artists are using hot pink to make a statement in make-up. This shade of pink is best suited to those with dark eye make-up.

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