Curious Love/Hate scenes filmed in Liberties

Robert Sheehan of Love/Hate

With an action-packed ending to the last season of Love/Hate it is hard to see how writers at RTÉ plan to top it. However the cast has already started filming with some seasons even being shot in the Liberties area.

Warning, spoiler alert! Audiences saw at the end of the third season Ireland’s heartthrob Darren (Robert Sheehan) was shot by his love interest IRA woman, Lizzie. As he was shot in the head he was presumed dead however this apparently may not be the case.
Robert Sheehan was spotted in his famous blue hoodie last month and in a hospital gown. He was also spotted in several different locations across the city.
Whether this is a clever plot by RTÉ to draw in a larger audience to keep watching the show or not the question remains: Will Darren survive his second shooting?
Also spotted in the city was Tommy, who at the end of last season was in a coma, being driven away in the back of a Garda car.
RTÉ bosses have yet to release a date when the next season will return to our screens, however it is presumed it should be back around October/November of this year and then will King Nidge’s reign finally be over?

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