Helping Dublin 8 get back to education

Communications class at the Community Education Centre (Credit: Dublin 8 Community Education Centre)

Communications class at the Community Education Centre (Credit: Dublin 8 Community Education Centre)

The Dublin 8 Community Education Centre, or D8CEC, is providing a second-chance at education for many adults from the area.

The centre allows adults to learn in a friendly and welcoming environment and the courses on offer are nationally accredited.

Michael Judge from Drimnagh is doing his Leaving Cert Maths in D8CEC.

“I was made redundant four years ago. I was working down the docks before that for the last 14 years. I was at a loss of what to do with myself. I saw an advertisement for here for computers for beginners. I didn’t even know how to turn a computer on before I came here.”

Michael has done numerous courses at D8CEC, including computer literacy, information technology and computer applications. These courses have brought him up to the college entry level.

Michael said he could feel himself getting unhappy before he came to D8CEC.

“It’s a very depressing time when an adult’s livelihood is taking away. You need something to fill that void. For me I found this place to be a life saver. It gave me a burst of life and it opened up a lot of new things to me.”

Trisha Gore is from Ballyfermot. She began as a receptionist in D8CEC, but with the help of the centre she would now like to pursue a career in accountancy.

“I got a community employment job here in D8CEC. I started doing the courses here then because I never did my leaving cert.”

Trisha has been attending D8CEC for three years now. In four months’ time she will have her Leaving Cert maths completed.

“You need your Leaving Cert for everything now so it’s nice to have it behind you. I’m also doing an accounts course here in D8CEC. They’ve helped me come on so much in three years.”

Jamie Kelly hails from Braithwaite Street, D8, and she is also doing Leaving Cert Maths.

“I was working in Francis Street doing heritage research. My time was up there last October. I’ve always been interested in maths so I decided to come back and do that here.”

Jamie said that D8CEC has helped her a lot with her shyness.

“I’ve done internet, personal and interpersonal skills. It has helped me with job interviews and when interacting with people.”

Like Trisha, Jamie has a keen interest in accountancy.

“That’s the reason I came back and did maths. We only did the applied Leaving Cert in school and you can’t get into accountancy with that.”

Jamie would be interested in doing accountancy in DIT, where she remembers doing classes as a child.

“I lived around the area and they used to put on little classes during the summer for the kids. They’ve always been a good college.”

Jamie said the D8CEC really benefits her community and has helped many people she knows obtain employment.

“There are a few girls I know that came here for courses and they’re now working in Guinness. A lot of people do get jobs from here because of the courses they’re doing.”

“Some people are put aside by everyone else for leaving school too early but they’ve always given people a chance in here. So I think they’re brilliant for that.”

Marie Gill, Director of D8CEC, said that in the current economic climate it is particularly tough to provide the education that is needed.

“We’re working with a tiny amount of money here in D8CEC. It is tough because more and more demands are being made on us because of the levels of unemployment.”

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