The Silver Linings Playbook – book review

The Silver Linings Playbook starring Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence has just been released on DVD – but like so many other films before the movie there was the book. The book, written by Matthew Quick, follows protagonist Pat Peoples as he tries to get his life in order after a stint in a mental institution in Baltimore. Pat is currently having ‘apart time’ with his wife Nikki and is trying to win her back by losing weight, becoming a nicer person and finding the silver lining in everything.

As the book progresses Pat begins to realise that he is missing huge chunks of his memory and may have been in Baltimore a lot longer then he realised. Eventually Pat discovers that he is not allowed see Nikki as she has a restraining order out against him and his family have one against her.

The protagonist’s life begins to change as he meets Tiffany, a hostile woman who also suffers from a mental disorder, following the death of her husband. Tiffany offers Pat a chance to get in contact with Nikki, through writing letters that she will read to Nikki over the phone. In return for this Pat agrees to be Tiffany’s partner for a dance competition. As the novel progresses Pats friendship with Tiffany evolves and he begins to piece together the memories he is missing from his time in Baltimore.

From the first sentence we are drawn in to the world of Pat Peoples and are rooting for his success.

Quick leaves us guessing right up until the end what happened between him and Nikki and what caused him to be admitted to ‘the bad place’.The author creates a cast of really likeable characters that readers can resonate with, from Pat to his loving but overbearing mother, all the characters are easy to relate to.

The ending for the novel, although predictable, it is not at all disappointing but rather the end that most readers would be hoping for. Any other ending could potentially have ruined the book.

The Silver Linings Playbook fills readers with every kind of emotion from sadness to anger to joy and it is an easy to read and thoroughly entertaining novel from start to finish. This novel is definitely worth the read, it won’t disappoint.

Generally books are always better than their respective film versions, but The Silver Linings Playbook film is pretty much on par with the book. With just a few minor changes from the novel the film is just as enjoyable as the book.


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