The Digital Hub joins forces with St James’s hospital

By Sara Dalton


The Digital Hub, a locally based state agency for the development of digital media, recently announced the launch of a joint access programme with St James’s hospital.

It is hoped the programme will give digital technology and content companies the opportunity to develop innovative solutions to common health challenges that have been identified by healthcare professionals working in St James’s Hospital.

A local representative from the United Left Alliance, Tina MacVeigh, said the union was ‘exciting and promising’.  She explained that she became familiar with The Digital Hub last year when she witnessed their ‘Future Creators’ project in conjunction with the National College of Art and Design.

“I was so impressed by the standard of people and companies they attracted, the support they got and the ideas they suggested with which technology can be applied,” MacVeigh said. “Last year’s project was to do with educating students in the realm of digital gaming and design. I am delighted to hear of the Digital Hub spreading their resources into health and based on what I have seen, I do not doubt what they are capable of.”

A spokesperson for The Digital Hub, Martina Quinn, stated “the project is at the start-up stage at present. Over the coming months, The Digital Hub will be consulting closely with healthcare professionals within St James’s to identify health issues on which innovative digital solutions could make a positive impact.

She added that no companies have been selected yet; “it is anticipated that the first cohort of participating companies will be selected within the next three months.”

Image by Louisa Mc Grath

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