Rihanna ought to apologise for new album ‘Unapologetic’

Craig Farrell

Craig Farrell reviews Rihanna’s new album entitled ‘Unapologetic’

Rihanna has released her 7th studio album entitled ‘Unapologetic’, which was most likely in relation to her attitude. However, the album’s title may very well be a public message by the Barbados star to her fans on the quality of her latest work.

With seven albums in the space of eight years – three of which were released in the last three years – it is understandable that quality may not always be there. And sadly that is the case for ‘Unapologetic’.

The album’s opening is the in your face ‘Phresh Off The Runway’, filled with a plethora of explicates it is easy to assume that Rihanna wanted to get her attitude across from the start. However, the song holds no quality or value as it completes crass lyrics with a laboured beat and annoyingly repetitive synth.

The quality skyrockets with ‘Diamonds’, the albums first single, but then crashes back to earth. Eminem repays the favour that Rihanna lend him on his last record by appearing on ‘Numb’ – but not even he could save the song.

‘Loveeeee Song’ – yet another song that it titled to the determent of the English language – could be another potential single. However, ‘Stay’ is a better song, musically and vocally. And Mikky Ekko outperforms Future, which could see ‘Stay’ being the “ballad single” of the album.

‘Nobodies Business’ has a Michael Jackson-esque touch to it – which is probably due to the song featuring Chris Brown, a Michael Jackson impressionist.

The best song on the album is a toss up between Nobodies Business and Diamonds. After that the album has only two other mentionable songs of quality – ‘Stay’ and ‘Love Without Tragedy’.

Four of fourteen is a poor showing, but once the album produces the ‘hit singles’ it will be deemed a success, financially at least.

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