Starting Good Vibrations

Mira Sobčáková


Clare Byrne has said she isn’t opposed to the opening of a new adult store on Wexford Street.

The local Fine Gael councillor told The Liberty: “Any new business generating employment in the area is good. Once my constituency is not turning into a red-light district and the shop isn’t in too close to a school or a crèche, I have no issues with it.”

Ms Byrne, (who has never been in an adult store before) added: “Being curious is in human nature.  I think everyone is entitled to express themselves the way they want. I do think however that people are more inclined to get this stuff online.”

The Good Vibrations started its business last June when the worldwide best-seller Fifty Shades of Grey seemed to have taken the capital by storm.

It is now trading along with the original Good Vibrations branch in Capel Street on the other side of the Liffey.

The owner Declan Whelan said: “Dublin seems to be a divided city and people that shop on the Northside don’t necessarily cross the river and vice-versa. So I decided to take a chance and expand my business here.”

“Fifty Shades of Grey might have gotten a couple of more people through the door, but I definitely wasn’t waiting for the book to come along to open up the new store,” added Mr Whelan.

Catherine O’Connor (29) of James’s Street read the erotic novel and thought it was “amazing”.  And when she was told that Good Vibrations sold the Fifty-Shades-of-Grey-kit; she said: “Now that I know they sell the kit, I will definitely go and check it out.”

The Italian owner of the famous Fusco’s Chipper on Meath Street – Filippo Fusco (72) said he had never heard of the book or the new sex shop.  However, his son Fino (50) said:

“I know of the book and that it makes people more curious, especially women – they are all going crazy. But I wouldn’t read it.

“I would visit the new adult store in Wexford Street though. Why not? Most people tell you they don’t go, but they do – do you know what I mean?”- smiled Mr Fusco.



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