The Gathering brings Brendan home

Aaron Quinn

RTÉ series inspires the organisers of the annual Liberties Festival to promote the coming-together of people with Irish connections from all around the globe.

The Liberties Festival is making The Gathering Ireland 2013 their main theme for next year.

The RTÉ  series aims to bring people with Irish connections home to celebrate their Irish heritage.  And the comedian Brendan Grace who is originally from the Liberties, appeared in its first episode.

The festival has already started their preparations for The Gathering by asking people from around the world to submit poems about the Liberties.

Shirley Chance, a Liberties Festival Committee Member, said, “The Liberties Festival is delighted to have participated in the Liberties episode of the RTÉ series, adding:

“The Liberties Festival celebrates the people, the place, and the arts.  The Liberties is one of Dublin’s most historic areas, with a wealth of heritage and culture at its core.”

To participate in the first episode of the Gathering, Brendan Grace returned home from his current residence in Florida, USA where he lives with his wife and children.  He moved out to the sunshine in the early nineties.

During his visit, he caught up with some old friends whilst also taking a deeper look at the history of emigration from the area.

“Apart from being an Irish man, I’m also a Dublin man.  And apart from being a Dublin man, I’m a Liberty boy,” said Brendan.

The comedian’s first stop was in Harkins pub beside the Guinness Storehouse where he met with his old show band ‘The Gingermen’.

“It was magic to see ‘The Gingermen’, brilliant it was.  I just can’t believe it was 40 years ago.  The real value is meeting the people that we’re meeting here today.  This is what The Gathering should and will be about,” he said.

Image Top Courtesy of The Gathering


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