Halloween bonfires with a scary outcome

Diarmaid Murray

The Irish authorities urge people to remain cautious this Halloween and remind them of the serious danger associated with the use of fireworks and illegal bonfires.


Dublin Fire Brigade gets an average of over 700 calls regarding illegal bonfires and firework-related injuries every Halloween night.

Deprived areas of Dublin City are particularly badly affected, due to a severe lack of supervision.

The National Fire Prevention Association, (organisers of the annual National Fire Prevention Week) has urged citizens of Dublin not to engage in illegal firework related activities over Halloween.

Last year over 1,200 children attended the A&E unit of Temple Street Children’s Hospital with burns and other fire related injuries.

Fireworks contain the same substances that go into bullets and shotgun cartridges and it is an illegal offence to be in the possession of them without a licence.

Irish law lists the following activities involving fireworks as illegal: possessing fireworks with intent to sell; throwing ignited fireworks at a person or property; and lighting unlicensed fireworks.

The penalty for these offences are a fine of up to €10,000, 5 years imprisonment or both a fine and imprisonment.

The vast majority of bonfires around Dublin city will not be put out professionally this year due to strained emergency resources. This is a recurring problem.

Dublin Fire Brigade and An Garda Síochána urge citizens to be particularly vigilant on this matter in the run up to Halloween.

Image Top Paul C Reynolds via Flickr

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