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Ciarán Ward

It was the most talked about game even before its release but can Fifa 13 really live up to all the hype?

Many sports game releases over the years have generated great excitement and enthusiasm, but the hype surrounding FIFA 13 is far greater than any of its rivals or predecessors.

The latest instalment in the FIFA anthology was not alone well worth the wait but also the money too.

The EA Sports showpiece game of 2012 will set you back between €50 and €55 in most shops.

The graphics, thought and gameplay is amazing. Gamers now have the ability to do exactly what they want with their players. Something as simple as a through ball now has pin point accuracy and attacking football as a whole has been much improved by EA’s engineers.

The first touch is really impressive. Good players like Wayne Rooney and Lionel Messi will control a ball just like they do week in, week out in The Premier League and La Liga respectively.
The crowds in FIFA 13 are far more active and when you’re playing away from home, and when you’re winning you can clearly hear the away fans singing louder than a mute home audience.
In previous FIFA’s goalkeeping was extremely poor. Goalkeepers were like robots; they never got rounded or gave away penalties for pulling down a striker.

In FIFA 13 however, the keeper will not only become your responsibility but they can, and will get sent off.

Finishing in FIFA 13 is more difficult than in previous years but it’s for the better. The exaggerated animation is becoming less and less each year and more realistic circumstances occur all over the pitch.

Subtle additions like opposition players passing the ball back for a free kick and players warming up off the pitch are small but noticeable differences.

From the improved gameplay to the general gaming experience FIFA 13 is an excellent buy.

The best football game ever is not an understatement.

FIFA 13 is a must for any football fan.

Verdict: 9.5/10

 Image top: via Fifa 13 Facebook page

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