The Liberties makeover ‘to go ahead as planned’

FG Councillor Clare Byrne

Ciarán D’Arcy

Despite financial difficulties holding up the Liberties Local Area Plan (LAP), Councillor Clare Byrne has assured residents that the project remains a priority for Dublin City Council.

Three years after its inception the plan has yet to deliver on many of its promises, but Fine Gael Councillor Byrne is adamant that the primary aspects of the project will be completed by the 2020 deadline.

“People have the assurance that the LAP isn’t going to be lost. It definitely hasn‘t fallen off the table and it remains one of the biggest priorities in the Dublin South Central area committee,” said Ms Byrne.

The plan promises to improve living and housing standards within the Liberties region as well as improving social infrastructure, amenities and providing more green spaces, with specific areas such as The Coombe and Pimlico earmarked for major renovation.

However, with more pressing regeneration projects taking precedence over the LAP in recent years, Byrne has urged residents to be patient until funding comes through to complete such works.

“So far we’ve had people tended to from Oliver Bond Street and they’ve gone across to Robert Emmet Close. To be honest that’s the only kind of development that’s shot up in the last couple of years that’s in the vicinity of the LAP.

“In regards to areas such as Pimlico and Marrowbone Lane, their redevelopments are still on the cards. They will definitely happen, we just have to wait till the funding is available,” said the Councillor.

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