Shocking petrol bomb attack damages Sinn Féin TD’s office

Photo: Sinn Fein via Flickr

Sinn Féin TD Aengus Ó Snodaigh was left shaken after an attempted petrol bombing at his constituency office on Ballyfermot Road.

On Monday September 17, a man entered the building, which also houses two businesses, and attempted to start a fire at the bottom of the stairs using rags soaked in petrol.

Although nobody was injured and the incident was dealt with quickly, Mr Ó Snodaigh has condemned the “mindless attack” which endangered the lives of not only his own staff, but also the staff of the businesses sharing the premises.

The arsonist gained access to the building in South Dublin at approximately 2pm when Mr Ó Snodaigh’s personal secretary released the security latch on the door after speaking to the man through the intercom.

Having opened the door, the secretary “noticed they hadn’t come up the stairs and suddenly there was smoke everywhere”, said Mr Ó Snodaigh.

Deputy Ó Snodaigh says he is unaware as to who could be behind the attack, stating that he “has not been in conflict with anyone in the area”.

The incident has led to increased security at the offices as the Dublin South Central TD has admitted to being worried for the people working in the building.

However, he insists that this will not lead to the building becoming a “high security constituency office” and that he will continue to deliver “a constituency service to the most vulnerable in this community”.

Gardaí are investigating the incident and are appealing to anyone with information to contact them.

By Conor Lennon

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