Safety first for 2013 Grafton St. renovation

By Robert O’Reilly

€2.5 million is to be spent on the repaving of Grafton Street which is to commence in January 2013 and will take most of the year to complete.

The current red brick surface that has become synonymous with Grafton Street will be replaced by pink and grey granite.

Paving was introduced when Grafton Street was pedestrianised in the mid 1980’s and since then the pathway has deteriorated.

Dublin City Council has justified the expenditure by revealing that the current paving required constant repairs and caused a threat to the public.

“We are acutely aware that this is a street of very high footfall and as stated in the report, the works will be completed on a phased basis with every effort being made to keep the disruption to a minimum,” said Paul Finan.

Grafton Street will never be the same again in a year's time. Photo credit: orlyp on Flickr.

“It is also hoped to establish a consultative group involving retailers which will hopefully identify and anticipate any difficulties that arise and enable all concerned to work through them during the project,“ said Paul Finan, spokesperson for Dublin City Council.

Michael O’Neill, area manager, wrote in his report “the replacement of its existing paving material is an imperative for the street and the city. It is an objective of the proposals for Grafton Street that the design should have coherence, legibility and usability.”

The council plans to spend a further €9.5 million by the end of 2014 on improvements to other streets surrounding Grafton Street.

The improvements, which are to be financed from the current capital budget, were passed by councillors in March.

The planning stage for Grafton Street will start over the next few weeks and the public consultation period will run for two months from the date of advertisement.

Photo credit: UggBoy♥UggGirl on Flickr.

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