Liberties’ graffiti gripe

 Liberties locals have been faced with graffiti-filled streets for years.  Opinion is divided amongst locals and local authorities over the question: Is graffiti an art form or is it just plain vandalism?

Local Sinn Féin Councillor Críona Ní Dhálaigh is completely opposed to ‘the offending eyesore that graffiti causes’.

“I believe that the majority of so called graffiti artists operating in Dublin are talentless and are more trouble than they are worth”

“It infuriates me to see lovely buildings scrawled with graffiti such as the beautiful Iveagh Market building on Francis Street. I have been raising awareness of the graffiti vandalism of this beautiful historical building for some time now and the Council promised to have the graffiti removed. This is unacceptable vandalism”, she added.

However, not everybody feels that graffiti is necessarily a bad thing for the Liberties area.

Rebecca Moynihan, Labour City Councillor for the South West Inner City, said, “In some respects graffiti is a problem in the area…but it’s not the biggest problem. I’d be very supportive of the guerrilla arts; I’d love to see it being more structured”.

“Once people start damaging private property, it becomes an issue”. But, “Graffiti is not to the same extent as it was a few years ago…and it’s easy enough to get it cleaned off”, Ms. Moynihan added.

Lovers of graffiti in the area will know about the wonders locked within the Tivoli theatre car park. The car park is a place for local graffiti artists to express themselves through the medium of spray paint.

Dylan Murphy, a 21-year-old student and resident of the Liberties, said, “I think the graffiti around this area is slick. The car park beside the Tivoli Theatre that’s full of graffiti is amazing. You would find it hard to find graffiti that high class anywhere else”.

He went on to say – “I think these people are true artists. They should be credited for what they’re doing and I hope other locals recognise the hard work and effort that goes into what they do”.

Are people becoming more accepting of graffiti as a form of art? Not everyone in the Liberties has come around to it but no doubt they will soon. Graffiti is a growing phenomenon and the Liberties offers some excellent opportunities for aspiring graffiti artists.

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