Dublin does Fridays

By Sarah Lavelle

Famous for our wild nightlife and lively pubs, it’s true that Dublin Does Fridays like no other city.

The Lamplighter in the Coombe is just one of Dublin’s greats, illustrating the warm, friendly atmosphere we all know and love.

Local man Peter Murray and his sister Mary are used to the enjoyable ambiance of this Liberties pub.

“I meet Peter here every Friday for a drink to catch up,” says Mary, originally from the Liberties, now a resident of Crumlin.

The Lamplighter is one of many pubs to have featured on a recent Dublin does Fridays A-Z pub list, alongside various promotions and fun facts about Dublin pubs.

In Meath Street’s The Lark Inn, locals enjoy a Friday evening pint and celebrate the start of the weekend.

“The pub gets busy on Fridays and is good craic,” says regular James Murray.

So spread the word, and start spending your Fridays in the best pubs in the world.

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