Doll’s Hospital moving on

Chris Nolan, owner of the Dolls Hospital was “blown away” by the vast numbers of people who came into the shop to say goodbye on their last day of trading.

“There were 150 people in the shop at any one time,” Mr. Nolan said.

The Doll’s Hospital and Teddy Bear Clinic is moving to a new location in the Powerscourt Townhouse Centre.

Melissa Nolan, wife of Chris and originally from the Liberties, is delighted to have found a new home for her beloved Doll’s Hospital.

The Doll’s Hospital has been in existence for 74 years and Chris and Melissa Nolan have been owners for the past 28 of those. The original Doll’s Hospital opened in 1938 in Mary Street and moved to George’s Street in 1982.

The Doll’s Hospital will re-open in early March in the Powerscourt Townhouse centre in South William Street, Dublin 2.

Image by Anne Stewart

Billy Brennan, owner of the Camera Exchange shop next door, said there were unsubstantiated reports that “a charity shop would move in” to replace the Doll’s Hospital. He said he didn’t mind what type of business took over as long as the space wasn’t left vacant.

Declan Marron, who works in Foot Solutions, also next door, suggested the space may be occupied by a restaurant.

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