Dylan Moran lights up Vicar Street

Vicar Street was the perfect venue to host a big personality like Dylan Moran. The witty comic’s performance was spot on, even after being on stage several nights in a row.

A word of warning though; it is nearly impossible to review a Dylan Moran stand-up routine and do it justice as to fully appreciate this Irish gem, you have to see him in the flesh.

Veering from one topic to the next, Moran uses his caustic wit to show his ‘yeah yeah’ attitude.

Eloquent and irritable; this grumpy comic has a unique way of looking at life and shares his annoyance of everything from heavy metal music to vegans and all the bits of daily life in between.

Impressively, he jumps casually between these topics and yet still manages to weave a narrative throughout the show. But even more impressive is the way that nothing Moran says on stage sounds planned or rehearsed. He has a way with words that would rival even the best writers.

Simplicity and unbelievable imagery are his speciality; he described heavy metal musicians as, “bald people with too much facial hair who get together to try and kill air”. This was met with much laughter, especially from the bald man sitting in front of me wearing a Metallica t-shirt and leather jacket.

The audience sits on the edge of their seats just waiting for the words to tumble out of his mouth and send them into peals of laughter. Moran takes this pressure in his stride and seems to think that it’s all a chore that takes him away from his glass of red wine, which he, of course, had on stage with him. Glancing at his watch he says, “I think I’ve done enough here, you’ve got your money’s worth now”, and finishes up with no encore, but leaving no-one disappointed.





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