New youth project for The Liberties


Photo courtesy of YMCA
Girls Club with Kathleen Lynch.

The YMCA’s YPOD project has been shortlisted for the Outstanding Contribution to Dublin Life category in the Dublin Living Awards 2011.

The City of Dublin YMCA started a new youth project in the Carmelite Community Centre called the YPOD for children and young teens in the Liberties earlier this year.

The Carmelite Community Centre on Aungier Street, Dublin 2, began after renovations were completed to what was formally known as the old Cross Care building.

The YPOD project is focused on kids and young teens in the area, while the YMCA is aimed at older teens. After-school homework clubs have proven to be popular for all age groups in both facilities.

“The homework clubs are always full. The kids will come in, be given something

to eat and then get down to their homework,” said Stephen Doyle, a coordinator for the YPOD.

The Girls Club has also grown in numbers since it has started.

“It’s one of the programmes we’ve worked on and has become really successful,” said Bernadette Grogan, a coordinator for the YPOD.

The YPOD also runs social awareness classes with a new one starting mid-October named the Choices Programme. The class aims to give members information on the consequences of committing a crime.

“What we hope to do with these classes is give the right information, show them the consequences and effects of anti-social behavior and hopefully they’ll make the right decisions,” said Stephen.

Minister for Youth and Children Francis Fitzgerald officially launched the YPOD project earlier this summer. She was presented with flowers and apple tarts that members of the popular Girls Club programme had baked for her that day.

The YMCA and YPOD have classes running Monday to Friday including the Homework Club, the Girls Club, nutrition and exercise classes, cooking classes and Mixed Teens Clubs.

All classes are free of charge and offer a relaxing and friendly atmosphere.[



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