Shop ’til you drop

Shopping in the Liberties has just gotten cheaper with the opening of the 99 cent store on Patrick Street, Dublin 8.

Just like the numerous 2 Euro shops scattered around town, the 99c store offers low priced daily necessities – but at half the price.

The 99c store offers you a new approach to shopping. You actually find yourself wanting to buy more because everything is good value.

Manager Sean Kelly told The Liberty that business has been flying since they first opened a couple of weeks ago. He said: “The first week we had queues out the door of the shop.”

Like the American chain of 99c stores, everything in the shop is priced at, no surpise, 99c. But a visit to the busy premises can be overwhelming when you see the huge variety of items available to purchase for just 99c. From fresh eggs to toiletries, stationary and even household appliances, this store has it all.

In a country where everything seems to have become overpriced, it’s comforting for the people of the Liberties to know there is a place in town that is helping the average person save a penny or two.

Unlike the 2 Euro shops, the 99c store boasts fresh produce, fresh milk in its fridges and Irish-made eggs on its shelves. The shop also supports selling Irish branded items, unlike other low cost stores which have been known to import food products from foreign countries to cut costs.

The future is looking bright for this shop.  Aim Group (commonly known for being a cash and carry company and the company behind the 99 cent store) is confident that the stores will be a success and has future plans to branch out around Dublin.

“Plans are in place to open up 14 more 99 cent stores throughout the Dublin area,” said Sean.

As many will agree, it’s nice to see a company giving good value in tough times.

It’s open all day all week, including Sunday. You’ll find yourself amazed at how many good things you can find without breaking the bank, let alone your piggy bank.

There is something in there for everyone, be it a giant pencil or a cute Disney tea cup. Shopping has never been easy… or so cheap!


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